Information about David Wright's arrangements

This list of arrangements contains all arrangements by me, David Wright, which are currently available. The failure of an arrangement of mine to appear in this list may be due to one or more of the following:

1. It is still being reserved exclusively for the group for whom it was created.
2. There is a problem or delay with the legal clearance of the arrangement.
3. The arrangement was done a long time ago and I don't think it's very good.

Each arrangement is classified (M) or (F) according to whether it is for male or female voices. A number of arrangements, marked (M/F), are available for either men or women.

ARRANGER'S FEE: Unless otherwise noted on the Arrangements page, I ask for $50 for single-song arrangements, $75 for medleys. There are a few exceptions, mostly some special works for which I ask $100.

PER COPY FEES: Those arrangements which have a per copy fee to be paid in addition to the arranger's fee are marked with (^). To understand how per copy fees are to be paid, read on.

CONTEST ARRANGEMENTS: Those arrangements which meet the musical standards for a barbershop contest are marked with an asterisk (*). This means the arrangement was created as a contest arrangement or has become contest-worthy by virtue of changing standards. A few are controversial and/or borderline, and some may not meet the standards of Sweet Adelines International, whose requirements are slightly more restrictive than those of the Barbershop Harmony Society and its affiliate organizations (although this may be changing).

CAUTION: Many of these works were created for very accomplished peformers and tailored to their voices. Therefore they may be too difficult for most quartets and choruses. I have denoted by "very difficult" those arrangements which I would not recommend to most mortals. In many cases I indicate where the arrangement is recorded, with a link when possible.

To Obtain an Arrangement

The process depends on which of the three markings (BHS), (DW), or (SAI) appears with the arrangement's listing on the arrangement list.

Arrangements marked "BHS"

To see the arranger's fee and the per copy fee, go the the Society's online listing at There you will see a listing of arrangements by me and many other arrangers, giving arranger fees and per copy fees.

Arrangements marked "DW"

To obtain one of these arrangements, I ask that a written request be sent to me accompanied by a check and a self-addressed unstamped envelope. (I will pay the postage). If more than one arrangement is being purchased, please make it a large envelope. Unless otherwise noted, I ask for $50 for single-song arrangements, $75 for medleys. Please read the arrangement's entry on the Arrangements page, as a few arrangements have special instructions. My address is:
4548 Westminster Place
St. Louis, MO 63108-1802

A check should be made out to me, David Wright. (I am not equipped to accept credit cards.) If the arrangement is marked (M/F), be sure to tell me whether you want the men's or women's version.

For just a few arrangements marked DW there is also a royalty fee to be paid to the copyright owner(s). These arrangements are indicated in the listing by the symbol ^ appearing after the title. If the arrangement is so marked, a form will accompany the music I send you for the purpose of paying the royalty fee. This fee is a per copy fee which should be multiplied by the number of copies you intend to make. The per copy fee depends on the arrangement and varies from $1 to $4, depending on the copyright owner and whether the arrangement is a medley. The form you receive with the arrangement will specify the royalty fee you owe for that arrangement and to whom that fee should be paid. This fee should be paid by a separate check, made out and sent to the appropriate party, whose address, as well as the amount to be paid, will appear on the form you receive with the music. If the symbol ^ does NOT appear by the title, I own or co-own the copyright, and this paragraph does not apply.

Now please reread the above two paragraphs, noting that the $50 (or $75, or $100) goes to me with an unstamped self-addressed envelope, with check to me, and that the legal fee, if applicable, is paid to whomever the form indicates (not to me) after you receive the music. Clear?

Arrangements marked "SAI"

These arrangements appear on List of Cleared Arrangements at Sweet Adelines International. These should be obtained through Sweet Adelines, who will then ask you to pay me the arranger's fee and to pay them the royalty fee, by separate checks. Call 1-800-992-7464 and ask for the Music Services Department. The person making the request must be a member of Sweet Adelines International.

IN ALL CASES: Paying the royalty fee allows you to legally make the appropriate number of copies of the music. In the case of contest arrangements, this procedure satisfies the legal clearance requirements of the Barbershop Harmony Society and Sweet Adelines International for contest music.

NO TRANSCRIBING, PLEASE: I kindly request that there be no transcribing or re-keying of these arrangements. Only (legally cleared) photocopies of the unaltered original copy are to be made. Incidental changes can be noted on these copies. I am not willing to send computer files of arrangements. (NOTE: "Re-keying" does not mean singing the song in a different key, but rather re-entering the arrangement as a computer file.)

NO FLATTING: This arranger dislikes the sound of a sagging tonal center. Therefore the proper key, relative to the initial key, should be always maintained. If an arrangement goes flat, the arrangement police will enter the premises and collect a fine of $10 per singer per semitone flatted, with an extra $2.00 assessed against leads. All flatting fines will be donated to the Young Singers Foundation.

PREVIEWING ARRANGEMENTS: I am willing to send arrangements marked (DW) for preview. Please mail me your request with a self addressed unstamped envelope. If more than one arrangement is being previewed, please make it a large envelope. I ask that you limit your requests to three arrangements at a time, and that you return within 3 weeks any arrangements you decide not to use. Arrangements marked (BHS) or (SAI) can be previewed by contacting the Barbershop Harmony Society or Sweet Adelines International, respectively.

LEARNING FILES: I am unable provide learning files for arrangements. The arrangement list provides links to recordings of arrangements when such exist. Also, learning files for a growing number of my arrangements are available from Tim Waurick. I highly recommend these very high quality learning tools. See Tim's website at

Finally, I wish to thank my webmaster, Carole Prietto, who, by the way, is a very fine arranger. Please visit her website at where her list of arrangements appears.

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