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1999 International Chorus Contest
Order of Appearance

 1.  Stockholm Chordmasters- SNOBS
 2.  Thames Valley Chorus- BABS
 3.  Chorus of the Genesee- SLD
 4.  Music Central- SWD
 5.  American Barberboys- Wild Card- CSD
 6.  Macomb County- PIO
 7.  Brothers in Harmony- MAD
 8.  Midwest Vocal Express- Wild Card- LOL
 9.  Banana Blenders- AAMBS
10.  Louisville Times- CAR
11.  Toronto Northern Lights- ONT
12.  Thoroughbreds- Wild Card- CAR


13.  Ambassadors of Harmony- CSD
14.  New Tradition- ILL
15.  Masters of Harmony- FWD
16.  Big Chicken- DIX
17.  Salem Senataires- EVG
18.  Phoenicians- Wild Card- FWD
19.  Great Northern Union- LOL
20.  Heralds of Harmony- SUN
21.  Singing Buckeyes- JAD
22.  Saratoga Springs- NED
23.  Saltaires- RMD

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