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2000 International Chorus Contest
Order of Appearance


(Explanation by Brian Lynch, below, 4/17/2000)

The draw for the initial order of appearance took place last night and
is published below.  It is the INITIAL order of appearance because
contest rules Article VIII, paragraph E gives any chorus the opportunity
to request to sing first.  If only one chorus makes such a request then
that chorus automatically gets to sing first.  If more than one chorus
asks to sing first, there will be a subsequent draw to determine the
order of appearance for those requesting to sing first. I anticipate
that at least two choruses will make such a request.  The rules
additionally specify that a request to sing first must be made in
writing and must be received by the Society President within 14 days of
the publication of the initial draw.  The second draw will be held in
the next 7 days and a new order of appearance published.  All competing
choruses will be notified of all of this in a letter that will go out on
Monday, April 17th, which will be considered as the publication date for
purposes of the rule.

In arriving at the initial order of appearance, the first thing that was
done was to determine the order of riser formation for the draw- i.e., a
chorus will sing on either 7, 9 or 11 risers.  There were  9 choruses
requesting to sing on 7 risers; 7 choruses requesting to sing on 9
risers and 7 choruses requesting to sing on 11 risers.  The order based
on riser formation is 11, 7 and 9.  Thus, the Official Initial Order of
Appearance is:

 1. Big Chicken
 2. New Tradition
 3. Saltaires
 4. Senate-aires
 5. Thoroughbreds
 6. Ambassadors of Harmony
 7. Vocal Majority
 8. Heart of Texas
 9. Alliance
10. Bay Area Metro
11. Vocal Vikings- SNOBS
12. Whale City Sound- DABS
13. Great Lakes
14. Toronto Northern Lights
15. Shannon Express- BABS
16. Chautaqua County
17. Heralds of Harmony
18. Great Northern Union
19. Virginians
20. Granite Statesmen
21. Singing Buckeyes
22. Midwest Vocal Express
23. Great American Chorus

The Mic Testing chorus is The Masters of Harmony.

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