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2019 Chorus and
Quartet Contest Scores

(This web page last updated: 03/19/2019)

Note: This page is updated as soon as possible after new scores are available. Please have patience and I'll get them out there as soon as I can! Thanks!

Links to Scores:

2019 Spring Contest Scoring Summaries

2019 International Quartet Prelims Scores

Note: ILL and RMD Districts held their Prelims contests last Fall.
Note: Score Sheet formats are changing with the new Barberscore program. New format PDFs are included where available.

The next contests are scheduled for March 22-23, 2019:

2019 International Affiliates Quartet Prelims Scores

Note: Some Affiliates held their Prelims contests in 2018.

2019 Spring District Seniors Quartet Contests

Note: Also check the regular Spring Prelims or Division Quartet Contest scores for Seniors Quartet information if a separate score sheet does not appear here.

2018 Spring Quartet Contest Scores (non-prelims)