Our Quartets
Capital Sound Kansas Express
Tenor: LaMar Elliot Lead: Kevin Raine Tenor: Rick Kready Bass: Don Suffron
Baritone: Clint Kegel Bass: Roy Sullivan Lead: Ben McDaniel Baritone:Guy Anderson
Listed Left to Right, Bass Seated Listed Left to Right, Lead is Seated

Capital Sound brings over 50 years of barbershop experience to their performances! And that's hard to do, since Kevin, our lead now has all of TWO years under his belt! We're available for any events, like birthdays, retirements, parties (Especially parties), surprises, holiday entertainment, parties, club or organization meetings, conventions, weddings, parties divorces, adoptions, parties, ribbon cutting and did I mention parties?

Meet the guys from Kansas Express!! We hail from the Topeka & Lawrence area. Three of us are past or present directors of the Capital City Chorus, not to mention vast personal experiences we have in music, Barbershop and quartetting. So, whether it's such traditional songs as "My Wild Irish Rose" or those familiar Baby Boomer classics, "Under the Boardwalk" & "Something", Kansas Express has a variety of packages that are designed to pique your interest and enjoyment. Our performances are customized to meet your needs, occasion and age group. So sit back and enjoy some of those familiar, toe-tappin' tunes!!!!!