Hospitality Photos

Hospitality Photo Gallery

[Fall Contest, 1996]

Our first Illinois District contest, Peoria, September 1996.

[Spring Contest, 1999]

Our next shot at district, April 1999. We made the top ten this time.

[Rosemont, 1992 - #1]

One of our many public performances, Rosemont, Illinois, January 1992.

[Rosemont, 1992 - #2]

Another shot of our Rosemont performance, January 1992.

[Long Grove, IL

Here we are entertaining the crowd at Turn of the Century Days in Historic Long Grove, Illinois, June 1991.


On North Shore Chapter's annual show, we demonstrate how we triumph over life's travails "Side by Side" (October 1997).


At the same show, we offer a tribute to a squeaky clean little friend--our "Rubber Ducky" (October 1997).

[Spring Contest, 1999]

It doesn't happen often, but on the rare occasions we go "a little flat," this is how we look. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

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