Hospitality Who's Who

Who's Who in Hospitality

[Spring Contest, 1999]

Left to right: Dick (tenor), George (lead), Joe (bass), Keith (baritone)

Dick Yanow, a technical support department manager from Des Plaines, Illinois, sings the tenor harmony. He also directs the Shoreliners Barbershop Chorus. Dick has two grown sons and is a veteran of many quartets, including A Classic Example, Harmaniacs, and Four Good Measure. He also occasionally sings tenor in North Shore Four and is a dual member of North Shore and Northbrook Chapters of SPEBSQSA.

George Carlson sings lead, which is to say he is the quartet's "melody man." George is a real estate investor and lives in Inverness, Illinois. His varied interests include golf and scuba diving. He and his wife, Pauline, are the proud parents of a baby girl. George is a member of Northbrook Chapter's international champion New Tradition Chorus, and is a past officer in that chapter.

Joseph Schlesinger, an Evanstonian, splits his time between writing and marketing/communications for a national nonprofit organization. Joe sings the bass part, collects old recordings, and has held many offices in North Shore Chapter and the Chicagoland Association of Barbershop Chapters. Like Dick, he's a dual member of North Shore and Northbrook Chapters; has sung in A Classic Example, Harmaniacs, and Four Good Measure; and is the quartet contact for North Shore Four.

Keith Mockenhaupt provides the tricky baritone harmony for the quartet. A Chicago resident, Keith is an engineer and an avid golfer. He's also the youngest member of the quartet; we like to start 'em young: Keith first joined North Shore Chapter as a high school student, and he's been a member ever since, holding many elected offices along the way. He and his wife, Diane, have one son and one daughter.

No rundown of Hospitality personnel would be complete without our fifth member--yes, there's a fifth man in our quartet . . .

Bill Remien, facilities manager for Northwestern University's Earth Sciences Department, has been our "spare lead" ever since the quartet was formed, filling in (often on very short notice) when George was unavailable. We owe Bill, a mainstay of North Shore Chapter, a debt of gratitude for his support through all these years. Besides, he's a darn good lead.

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