Keystone Express

Carl Granato, Larry Beahm, Ed Mandel, Chuck McFadden

KEYSTONE EXPRESS is a brand new barbershop quartet looking forward to making its public debut in the Erie Chapter's annual show, Salute to America, on November 2.

Carl Granato (baritone) was married to his wife Rosemary for 40 years prior to her untimely death. They raised three children. Carl worked for Colgate-Polmolive for 33 years prior to his retirement. A former director of the Commodore Perry Chorus, Carl brings over 40 years of Barbershopping and almost as many years of quartetting experience to Keystone Express.

Originally from Bethlehem, PA, Larry Beahm (bass) has been married to his wife Melissa for nine years. Although he has been a member of the Chorus for less than a year, he brings over 30 years experience as a professional musician and entertainer to the quartet. He and his wife spent the last four years on cruise ships in the Caribbean and Mediterranean as entertainers.

Ed Mandel (lead) has been married to his wife Elaine for 38 years, and raised two children. Ed has been in the menís clothing business for over 25 years, after spending fifteen years in the insurance business. Ed brings ten years of Barbershopping experience to the quartet.

Chuck McFadden (tenor) has been married to his wife Janet for 43 years. They raised eight children. They had in their home twenty foster children, and now brag about their twenty grandchildren. Chuck has been a Barbershopper for over seventeen years, and also sings with the Western Reserve chapter in the Johnny Appleseed District.

For more info, contact Chuck at (814) 838-4075 or, or email Larry at

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