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While Tom has had many arrangements commissioned by top quartets and choruses, he loves working with all groups. If you think you might like to have an arrangement done especially for you, read on. Says Tom, "Hello, barbershop friend! Tell me something about your quartet or chorus. For example:
  • What are your voice ranges, strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do you love Dixie songs and hate Irish ones, or vice versa?
  • What is your group's personality or image?
  • Do your audiences prefer big-city slickness or more home-spun tunes?
  • Are you older, younger or a mix?
  • Do you like comedy numbers?
  • Do you have a good solo voice - or four of them - in your group, or are solos not for you?
  • What kinds of songs are you looking for to make your repertoire really sparkle, or to give you just the right set for contest?
"The more you can tell me, the easier it is to help you choose a special song that is just right for you." Tom's fee for a typical arrangement is $400, with medleys and other more involved songs higher, and simple ditties lower. Copyright clearance for most new arrangements is $60, plus $1 per copy for choruses. Tom usually handles the copyright paperwork himself directly with the copyright holder.

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