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  • ANYTHING YOU CAN DO an eight-part song from "Annie Get Your Gun" that is a sure hit for a combined number with a chorus or quartet of the opposite sex. Can you guess who wins in the end? Also available in eight-part male and female versions.
  • BARE NECESSITIES From the animated musical "The Jungle Book," this delightful tune will charm audiences and judges alike. Storm Front sang it until they decided to be unremittingly hilarious.
  • GROOVY KIND OF LOVE, A a pop hit for the Mindbenders (1966) and for Phil Collins (1988), the song has been sung lately by the King's Singers. Makes a great solo for a woman. The bass gets some licks in too.
  • GROWN-UP CHRISTMAS LIST Arranged for eight-part mixed voices, this Amy Grant song is a wish list for a better world. So get together with a chorus or quartet of the other gender and move your audiences' hearts with this gem.
  • I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU maintains the shimmering feel of classic rock 'n' roll song
  • I WONDER WHAT YOU'RE DOING FOR CHRISTMAS Written by a fellow from Dallas, this song is of professional quality. Hear why the Vocal Majority and Second Edition have performed this lovely seasonal song.
  • IN MY LIFE  Beatles song about the love of one's life
  • IN MY ROOM  The Beach Boys' story of teenage angst is surprisingly sweet and moving.  SPEB publishes the men's version.
  • ISLAND OF DREAMS the '60s group the Seekers ("I'll Never Find Another You," "Georgy Girl") sang this captivating song; it is arranged for 8-part mixed voices
  • IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL  If you sing in a mixed-barbershop group or church choir, this SATB arrangement is for you. The message is as timeless as it is powerful.
  • LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH show closer with a great message. The men's version of this arrangement is published by the BHS.
  • LORD'S PRAYER This beautiful piece is a rearrangement for SATB of the Society-published chart done by Joe Liles and Tom. It is fine for both mixed-barbershop and church groups.
  • MAN WITH THE BAG, THE Everybody's waiting for him. And who is he? Why, Santa Claus, of course. Your
    group will enjoy singing this slick tune.
  • MARY, DID YOU KNOW A powerful, reverent song, this piece is a hit at Christmas or any other time of year. Available in male, female and mixed voices.
  • MERRY CHRISTMAS, DARLING  The Carpenters' moving hit is available in various versions: women's, men's, mixed and as a solo plus four parts for a chorus specialty number.
  • SING LULLABY  What a sweet Christmas tune this is.  Your group will enjoy singing a lullaby to the baby Jesus.
  • SOUND CELEBRATION  Tom wrote and arranged this energetic song honoring music and other sounds of life around us.  The men's version of this arrangement is published by the BHS.  There is now an SATB version for YMIH/YWIH singers, as well as a mixed chart with melody in the lead.
  • WITH TWO WINGS marvelously energetic 8-parter about men and women working together, as sung by Friends
  • YOU MEET THE NICEST PEOPLE Light and sweet, this Christmas tune will add sparkle to your holiday shows.
  • YOU'RE JUST IN LOVE  If you "hear music and there's no one there," get together with a quartet or chorus of the opposite sex and perform this lively partner song.


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